Plunderphonia is a new series of musical projects that create original music by “plundering” unexpected historical sources and genre blueprints. Developed by !K7 founder Horst Weidenmüller, the debut Plunderphonia album has been recorded by Grammy nominated artist PC Nackt - collaborator with Apparat and José González and creative head of The String Theory and Warren Suicide.


“First you have the selection of music that has a strong historical background.” So on the piano heavy Plunderphonia we had Hania Rani advising on the most innovative compositions. Then we work with the artist selecting pieces they want to use. Then you have the re-recording and the person with the best skills for that. Then there’s the edit - that’s another skill. And then it needs to be performed live... So depending on the strengths of the artist, we build the team around them. I am all for that openness.”

In PC Nackt’s case the live show will reflect the recording process. But he’ll radically change the show for different performances. “The minimum will be me with one piano and a midi controller,” explains PC Nackt. “The maximum will be me, 1000 pianos and an orchestra!”.

This is made possible by the Yamaha Disklavier - a midi operated classical piano. “I’ve learnt so much about this piano and see myself using this instrument for the rest of my life. There’s so much you can do,” says Nackt.